Raising 2 Kids Under 2

I always wanted to have kids close in age and I was lucky enough that our first child was very calm and easy going as a baby that we could try for our second. Our son was just 15 months old when our daughter was born. With the exception of my pregnancy symptoms and getting a few illnesses at the end of my pregnancy, raising my son had been a breeze. Suddenly we became a family of four with “2 kids under 2.” Continue reading “Raising 2 Kids Under 2”

Why I Narrate To My Kids

I often narrate what I’m doing or what I’m about to do to prepare my kids for what to expect. I usually break things down into steps. I started this to prevent a tantrum when something happens out of their expectation but it helps tremendously in enlarging their communication and vocabulary. Continue reading “Why I Narrate To My Kids”

Nursing/BF Essentials

If you plan on breastfeeding your milk supply will be with you at all times, however, you’ll need a few extra things to make things a little more comfortable for you and baby.

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Managing Sensitive Baby Skin

My daughter has always had that baby soft skin. To this day, at a year and a half, she still does. She’s got that soft and fair skin that can easily be irritated. When she was a few months old she started developing some rash-like patches around her chest, arms and back of her thighs and suspected a food allergy or Eczema. Turns out she just has fair and sensitive skin, dodged a bullet! However, I do take similar precautions and use soaps and lotions meant for Eczema as well. Continue reading “Managing Sensitive Baby Skin”

Small Cooling Fans

Living in South Florida, we get extra heat during summertime. I purchased a few fans to survive this summer, since we’ve been going on day trips to the Zoo and planned a weekend trip to Disney World with the whole family. I’ve fallen in love with these products and have decided to write a mini review. Continue reading “Small Cooling Fans”

Baby Bump Photo Sequence

When you’re expecting a child everything is very exciting and you cannot wait to meet your child and start a new journey of life. It takes a long time to grow a child but its also a beautiful process. Most parents like to take professional photoshoots at the beginning and end of the pregnancy as well as after the baby is born.

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Celebrating Our Son’s 3rd Birthday

This week our son turned 3. We celebrated the weekend before with a trip to Disney World and on his birthday we had a full day of excitement!

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A Day at Disney World With Toddlers

For our son’s 3rd birthday we planned a family trip to Magic Kingdom for one day as a family of 7. This post is how I planned for our trip for 5 adults and 2 toddlers under the age of 3, how our day actually went, and some tips if you’re planning a trip of your own.

(This is a long post but it is very informative.)

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When Our Children Become Monsters

Journal Entry about Toddler Tantrums.

Asking my readers, what are your successful methods for managing tantrums as they progressively worsen each year? Continue reading “When Our Children Become Monsters”

Prime Day 2018

Shopping on Amazon is one of the best things out there! Being a Prime member on Amazon brings you some amazing added benefits like fast free shipping on majority of items, and free select tv shows, movies, music and books, as well as a few things I’m probably not even aware of!

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Toddler Birthday Parties

My little guy (our oldest) is turning 3 soon and I’ve been reminiscing. I just came across some pictures from his birthday last year and figured I’d put it together in a post.

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Car Seats & Strollers

There are tons of carseats and strollers out there, and honestly there is no “best” for either category. Parents are looking for different things depending on their needs and their family size.

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Toddler Gift Guide for 1 Year Olds

As a child nears the end of infancy they start to develop a lot more interest in objects and toys. So much changes for children between 12-18 months and 18-24 months. With the right set of toys they can explore and learn things on their own. Continue reading “Toddler Gift Guide for 1 Year Olds”

$3 DIY Toddler Bed Bumper

Our son is about to turn 3 so for his birthday we wanted to upgrade him from a crib with toddler rail to an adult sized (twin) bed. He’s outgrowing his crib and we were lucky his came with a toddler rail so its definitely time for the upgrade. Besides cost, our biggest concern was him falling off. Continue reading “$3 DIY Toddler Bed Bumper”

Banana Muffins Recipe

I’ve made these muffins many times and kids and adults love them so much I decided to share here.

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My Favorite “Workout” Shoes & Leggings

As a human being, we all need to stay fit. As a mom, who birthed two children, I gained some weight that I’m working on losing. Having the right type of clothing for working out is ideal. My favorites are leggings and comfortable and flexible shoes, and I use these ALL the time, not just to work out. Here I am wearing my workout clothes on a hot and humid day at the zoo with my kids.


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Skip Hop Foam Floor Tiles

My personal review of Skip Hop Foam Floor Tiles. Continue reading “Skip Hop Foam Floor Tiles”

Baby & Toddler Water Gear

It’s Summertime, which means most of us are trying to survive this heat by spending time by the pool or water. Here are some Baby and Toddler Essentials for pool and water activities. Continue reading “Baby & Toddler Water Gear”

Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Owl Soother

My personal review of Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Owl Soother. Continue reading “Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Owl Soother”

Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat

My personal review of Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat. Continue reading “Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat”

Our Trip to Zoo Miami

Last week I took the kids on a day trip to Zoo Miami with a couple of friends and their kids. I had been once a few months before with the kids and a family member and had a few things in mind to try differently this time.


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Why I Love Shopping for My Kids at Target

When you have kids, you find yourself often buying clothes for your growing children. Target has such cute stuff that it can easily become an addiction that leads you to spend hundreds at a time for clothes that might be outgrown in a matter of months. I’ve fallen in love with Target for this reason, their prices are reasonable and their clothing quality and selection is great.

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The Birth of My Second Child via Planned C-Section

This is my personal story about the birth of my daughter, who was born via planned c-section just 15 months after my emergency c-seciton of our son.

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My Daughter’s Silly Baby Hair

At a year and a half old my daughter’s hair has been growing from the back of her cowlick at her crown all the way to her eyes, making it a little difficult to manage.

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DIY Non-Slip Socks

Have hard or slippery floors? Or maybe your climber needs better grip?
I have two young toddlers and every time I buy them new socks I cover my counter for a fabric paint DIY.

IMG_2088.jpg Continue reading “DIY Non-Slip Socks”

Journal: My toddler: 1, Me: 0

Journal Entry about struggling and failing to get my oldest toddler to obey me at lunchtime/nap time. This post is mostly me freaking out and going off on a rant. Continue reading “Journal: My toddler: 1, Me: 0”

Raising My Kids Trilingual


My husband and I come from mixed backgrounds and both migrated to the U.S.A. as young children. Our children were born here but we’re raising them trilingual with the combined three languages we speak on a regular basis. People have warned us against teaching our children more than one language at first but we didn’t listen, and thank goodness for that because, even though they’re still very young, they’re pretty good at speaking English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Toddlers Helping around the House

There’s been a lot of back and forth about kids doing chores around the house. Some say it takes away from letting a kid be a kid while others say it teaches responsibility. I think the real concern is, how it’s enforced. Of course it’s essential that a child does not grow up in prison-like conditions, where they are forced to do hard labor, but do you want your child to grow up to the opposite extreme of having no clue how to care for themselves or do basic things like cook and clean!? The key is: know your limits. Continue reading “Toddlers Helping around the House”

“Styles” of Parenting

I recently read an article about the six styles of parenting and it really got me thinking about my own parenting and what is really best for our children. The article focused on the pro’s and con’s of six parenting styles: Helicopter, Free Range, Authoritarian, Permissive, Authoritative, and Uninvolved.

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Homemade Baby Food Hacks

Baby stores will try to sell you mini appliances for steaming, pureeing, and storing homemade baby food. If you have a blender or food processor you can steam on the stove or microwave and puree them without buying new appliances that will take up space and become useless after a few months. And better yet, if you take the extra time to do several different kinds at a time you can be set for weeks or months at a time by freezing. Blenders and ice cubes will soon become your best friend! Continue reading “Homemade Baby Food Hacks”

Wholesale Budget Hack for Buying Frozen Meats

For the longest time I was shopping for two (me and my husband) and had no need, nor space, for shopping wholesale. Now that we’re feeding a family of 4 and still using diapers for 2 I’m finding there’s a handful of things from wholesale stores that I’ve discovered to be of major savings. One of the biggest ones being buying frozen meats in bulk. Continue reading “Wholesale Budget Hack for Buying Frozen Meats”

Grocery Shopping with my Babies

As a parent of two young toddlers, I’ve faced some struggles when it comes to grocery shopping. I’ll admit they weren’t as disastrous as some stories I’ve heard over the years. But with two kids the logistics of it got a little complicated for a while, and some days one or both kids drove me nuts, especially with the way my worried mind works. Continue reading “Grocery Shopping with my Babies”

Toddler Screen/TV Time

Hi, I’m Paula. I’m a stay at home mom of two children and I abuse screen time. If you do too, welcome to Screen Time’s Anonymous! Continue reading “Toddler Screen/TV Time”

Mom Groups

When you’re a stay at home parent with a child (or children) you start to get lonely even though you’re not alone. I’m going to be totally honest and tell you that I fell in to depression a couple of times because I was living in a cocoon. Continue reading “Mom Groups”

My After Birthing Realities


Congratulations you just gave birth!! Oh hey, you look like shit by the way. Get ready to put on some sexy panties!!!

Yes ladies! You will actually like wearing these for a while and may even invest in adult diapers for a little while, I know I did. Continue reading “My After Birthing Realities”

Packing Your Hospital Bag

If you’re worried about packing your hospital bag, don’t. It should be very simple and doesn’t need a ton of planning. If you’re like me, you will come up with a list of what you need and maybe a few little extras to be comfortable. And then when you get to the hospital you’ll realize you barely needed a lot of those things and you ask your partner to take it all back and bring you something else when they goes home for a shower, to eat, or to nap. The hospital provides a lot of essential things so you don’t really need a lot.

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